Oh! The Method To Create PHP.ini File In CPanel

The method to create PHP.ini file is here in easy steps. Now simply read how one can create PHP.ini file recursive. Actually, the file which is displaying in the root listing can not make changes within the child directories. So if you wish to make changes in subdirectories then you ought to create personal home page PHP.ini file recursive.

Now just see an example if in case you have a listing within the public_html folder like public_html/blog. Now when you trade reminiscence limit from personal home PHP.ini. Then it’ll practice on a public_html folder, now not web publication listing. So if you wish to make changes on subdirectory also then “create personal home PHP.ini file recursive”.

In addition, it’s elaborate to make Hypertext Preprocessor PHP.ini file for each subdirectory. So higher to tell the server via .Htaccess file to switch all subdirectories when any change happens in PHP.ini file. If .htaccess available then good otherwise create .htaccess file first.

suPHP_ConfigPath /home/username/public_html

Check Created PHP.ini File Recursive

Now just check create PHP.ini file recursive.  While create a phpinfo page in the subdirectory and test it. After it, load the phpinfo page you will see the “Loaded Configuration File” is reflection site’s PHP.ini file which you want to create recursively.

More details about this method goes here: PHP ini File Recursive


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